Make It Real!

EXA Blockchain Economy Ecosystem

Exa Lab will build a new blockchain ecosystem called 'Sharing of Technology and Business' through the solidarity with other business companies.

Structure of EXA Ecosystem

EXA Ecosystem Structure Divided by the support group and alliance group. EXA and Support group charges the technology field. Alliance group charges the business field.

EXA Ecosystem Alliance Member & Role

For the construction of the EXA ecosystem, centered by UMS Mastercard has practicality that adopting actual commercial service with global alliance firms.

Profit structure

Each alliance firm and partners with alliance firms are able to have the following profitstructure through the EXA Ecosystem.

Ecosystem Details

Ecosystem Key Factors

Constructs three based ecosystem and cross-supporting each other. Technology, Mutual Guarantee, Reality

Ecosystem RoadMap


EXA LAB / Jong Woo Kim .ceo 5F / 9F 704, Yeongdong-daero, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, 06075, Korea